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Progressive Ultimate Trend

After computing a series of Moving Averages, additional weighted calculations and direction... you have an arrangement of different colored dots. Blue for uptrends, red for downtrends, and white for indecision and possible reversals at hand.

The position of the dot is very important also. Sometimes the dot is in the body of the candle, sometimes it's on top or on the bottom of the candle.

The basic principle of this indicator is how it can help you determine your trade direction.

There may be a few similar design indicators on the market, however, the ULTIMATE TREND INDICATOR is computing different elements of the market and is designed to work together with the Progressive Essential and the Progressive Power Wave.

This indicator is a Must-Have indicator if you plan on being a serious trader. .. and coupled with the Progressive Essential indicator... you can have some really amazing results!!

Currently MT4 Platform

ProgressiveUltimateTrend, ProgressiveEssential, ProgressivePowerWave