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Progressive Power Wave

This indicator searches for and can flush out a deeper trend within a trend...Sometimes it's like a 1 or 2 candle burst, which may show you that there is more to come... or a very strong series of multiple candles moving at a concentrated acceleration. It may also indicate a decisive end to a trend.

This is an exceptional indicator.

You can see the indicator referencing strong concentrated areas and deeper trends. The Blue wave is showing a possible power move to the upside while the red wave is indicating a power move to the downside.

Candlesticks usual move in a choppy way, but all of a sudden the PROGRESSIVE POWER WAVE INDICATOR may appear exposing a solid power move and flushing out a deeper trend within a trend.

Just trading this Power Wave can yield outstanding results.

Currently MT4 Platform

ProgressivePowerWave, ProgressiveEssential, ProgressiveUltimateTrend